Crowd Funding

Early Supporters will help fund multiplayer servers, development of first two ships, and one game mode.

Early Supporters will own first two ships of Destroyer and Submarine on game release. They will have access to development builds of current features.

Supporters will have priority access to initial limited number of servers. Supporters will kick any Guests that are waiting when servers are crowded.

Guest - free to play as a Crew member. No access to role of Captain to deploy vehicles.

$5 - priority on servers, own destroyer on game release

$10 - priority on servers, own destroyer and submarine on game release.

$20 - priority on servers, own all future vehicles developed in the game.

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Community Matchmaking

We've read forum posts about players having trouble organizing matches for games with small player bases. To help coordinate play, we created a Subchase Online Discord server. Login to meet other players, set times for matches, and voice communications during play.
Wednesday 09:00 PM Eastern Standard Time/USA
Saturday 05:00 PM Eastern Standard Time/USA
SubChase Online Discord Server  Invite